April 2021
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Slide WORMING PROGRAMME Worm, flea, tick and lice treatment. We will come out to your home to treat your pets with top quality branded treatments and give them a little treat along with their treatments keeping them happy and calm

Slide NANO MICROCHIP IMPLANT SERVICE We provide a microchip service at your home by fully qualified and insured professionals for your pets cats & dogs
We implant your pets with the latest nano technology microchips

Slide ULTRASOUND SCANNING We will come out to your home and carry out an ultrasound pregnancy scan in the back of our fully equipped van. This saves time hassle and stress for you and your pets.

Slide NAIL CARE PROGRAMME We provide a nail care service at your home for your pets. We are more than qualified with over 10 years experience and fully insured to carrie out this service .We can save you and your pets stress money and time

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